Municipality deploys proactive network maintenance tools from ZCorum to get out in front of cable plant troubleshooting.

compasAlpharetta, GA (January 15, 2015) — ZCorum a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics software announced the successful deployment of its proactive network maintenance (PNM) tools, PreEqualization Analyzer and Upstream Analyzer for Compas Cable.  Compas, which provides cable, internet and phone services within the city limits of Morganton, North Carolina, now has access to data and information needed to proactively fix upstream impairments and monitor the return path in their cable system.

Compass already receives other managed services from ZCorum, including data and VoIP provisioning and technical support for their end users. The municipality tried out the new diagnostics products before purchasing and after a successful trial period confirmed the functionality and benefits for themselves. Established in 1784, the City of Morganton joins a growing list of municipalities who are deploying ZCorum’s solutions to enable more efficient network operations.

The software based PNM tool, PreEqualization Analyzer , makes use of the pre-equalization data coming from cable modems to identify upstream impairments in the cable plant before subscriber services are impacted. The tool shows the severity and approximate location of the problem, and which devices are being affected by a common impairment. PreEqualization Analyzer is designed to give broadband providers insight, control and predictability of their networks’ performance and availability.

Working together with PreEqualization Analyzer will be ZCorum’s Upstream Analyzer, a fully featured software-based spectrum analyzer that displays upstream spectrum from a CMTS in real time. The tool displays with 100% accuracy the noise floor, specific modem signals and ingress under the DOCSIS carrier as it is happening.

“Both DOCSIS diagnostics tools will significantly reduce the time Compas spends on plant maintenance, not only freeing up resources and minimizing technicians’ time in the field but also improving the day-to-day operations of its cable operations,” said Vice President of Operations, Neal Grillot. “Operators have a pressing need for additional visibility into network operations and these innovative tools will enable Compas to address unprecedented subscriber demands for quality service. “

ZCorum President and CEO Julie Compann said, “At ZCorum we’re providing compelling solutions with cost savings and improved operational efficiency for managing broadband networks. We’re always mindful of the responsibility municipalities have to their residents and we’re pleased that more and more local government entities like The City of Morganton have entrusted us to enhance their broadband services and support.”