DOCSIS PNM and Identifying Common Upstream Impairments


DOCSIS PNM analyzes pre-equalization data from the CMTS to identify which subscriber devices are being impacted by a common issue like loose or corroded connectors and seizure screws, cracked and bent cables and other upstream impairments that cause issues like micro-reflections and group delay. PreEqualization Analyzer clearly shows you which subscriber devices are being impacted [...]

Sources of Ingress in the DOCSIS Return Path


Ingress issues driving you nuts? PreEqualization Analyzer has an Intermittent Modems report that allows you to identify modems that can potentially have ingress issues in your DOCSIS return path and leak noise into your plant. Watch this video to learn about the feature in this DOCSIS proactive network maintenance tool.

What is DOCSIS Pre-Equalization?


Are you taking advantage of DOCSIS pre-equalization? Listen as Rick Yuzzi discusses why enabling DOCSIS pre-equalization on your broadband network can immediately improve RF impairments in your cable plant. Also, if you're already using the feature, find out how ZCorum's Proactive Network Maintenance tool, PreEqualization Analyzer, can help you stay on top of those impairments [...]

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