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IPv6 and DDoS Solutions from ZCorum and A10

Are you losing sleep over a transition to IPv6?  What about the thought of a major DDoS attack on your network?

Carrier Grade NAT provides a way to extend the life of your IPv4 network by conserving your IPv4 addresses while simultaneously offering a smooth transition to IPv6. The time plan for this transition is now. IPv4 addresses are getting more scarce as there are more and more connected devices on your network. A10’s CGN solution supports several transition strategies, including dual stack, Light Weight 4over6 (LW4o6), and IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd).

If your nightmare is about how to protect your network from a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, we also offer the Thunder TPS, A10’s solution that detects and mitigates multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge.

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IPv4 Product Sheet


Read about the features and benefits of our Carrier Grade NAT solution and how you can seamlessly transition to IPv6.

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A10 DDoS Product Sheet


View the product features available to help protect your network against DDoS attacks. 

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A10 Transitioning to IPv6


In this webinar, Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6: Conservation and Migration Strategies, get tips and strategies on being able to make the conversion.

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When transitioning to IPv6, ensure that you select Carrier Grade NAT to handle the millions of sessions that will result from user activity.

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Networks in Crisis

The remarkable advances in technology have brought about a new information revolution. Today, the IP network has become an essential part of our lives, not only in the business world but in our everyday social lives.  And new requirements are emerging. It is critical to have a plan to transition to IPv6.

Today’s networks need to accommodate a huge number and wide variety of connected consumer devices, provide network services with high reliability and be equipped with advanced security mechanisms against DDoS attacks. ZCorum offers solutions that can overcome these problems and complement the several missing aspects of current networks.

Are you ready for IPv6?

With the roll out of huge numbers and the wide variety of connected devices that demand IP addresses, the ability to preserve the functionality of your current IPv4 addresses while leaving your options open for how you will migrate to IPv6 is not a choice but a necessity.

Is Your Network Protected from the New DDOS Attacks?

As a provider you require an IP network that is highly available and secure, as the Internet is the main way to channel your services to your subscribers. Recently, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have grown dramatically in frequency, size and complexity and they continue to do so almost daily. Unfortunately your existing security strategies that stop a range of security threats are not sufficient to address new breeds of DDoS attacks. These new and powerful attacks use large botnet networks of compromised “zombie” machines to launch attacks that are very difficult to detect and even harder to stop. Additional solutions are needed to protect your network.

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