Engineering Assistance: Our experienced broadband engineers are available when you need them. Whether it’s making routing changes, bringing up a DSLAM, tuning a CMTS, or re-IPing your network, you can think of our staff as an extension of yours.

Network Monitoring: We watch equipment like routers, DSLAMS and CMTS, and keep tabs on services like DHCP, POP, SMTP, and even Web and FTP. And if a critical piece of equipment goes down, we’ll likely know it before your customers do.

Internet Security Suite: With ZCorum, you can offer Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security software suite to your subscribers. Best of all, we handle everything. You pay a low cost per month per license–­low enough that you can even give it away as a value-add to your subscribers if you choose to. Plus, we provide technical support for the end-user when they have questions or need assistance.

Commercial Web Hosting: If you’re going to provide broadband services to local businesses, why not add Commercial Web Hosting to your business package? There’s no equipment needed on your network and no bandwidth used for the sites hosted. We host the sites, and we provide technical support for the end-user.

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