Benefits of  Billing Integration

In our industry, rapidly changing technology makes gaining the most out of your financial and human resources a major priority. System integration is one of the best solutions to help you realize that goal. An integrated system will streamline your processes, maximize profit, ensure efficiency and reduce costly errors.

Unfortunately, system integration is often overlooked. When your provisioning and billing processes aren’t aligned it’s extremely time-consuming to maintain everything independently. It’s a struggle to keep up with the ever-expanding data you’re collecting from your subscribers. By effectively integrating your processes, you’ll see not only increased efficiency and readiness, but you’ll reduce the confusion of having all your data in different places.

Painless for your staff

Integration allows your staff to work from a single system, eliminating “swivel-chair”. Changes can be made from one screen, instead of having multiple computer systems and processes running simultaneously. This reduces the training time since your service reps don’t have to learn multiple tools. And since the data will not have to be exported or imported, there’s less
chance for human error.

Cost Saving

Having all your data in one central location will reduce costs related to installing, procuring and maintaining multiple systems. You will also reduce costs and time spent on upkeep and troubleshooting. Having all your information in one location will save on computer storage space and costs too.

Better Analysis

If you’re analyzing all your data in different places, downloading it from each separate system and exporting it into a spreadsheet, this is a tiresome and time-consuming task. An integrated system will provide faster access to current figures and data, making the entire process simpler and easier to manage.

Improved Security

Dealing with sensitive information requires special procedures to ensure it’s protected. By adopting one system, your security tools are more effective than if you have your data in several tools or systems.

Faster Data Updating

Transferring data from a spreadsheet to your billing system will always take more time. And if you have large amounts of data, it turns into a problem keeping it all up-to-date. Through an integrated system your data is transferred to your chosen system in real-time. Real-time visibility is crucial when making accurate and prompt decisions regarding your subscribers.

How Can ZCorum Help?

Integrating with ZCorum creates a bridge and paves the way for a more efficient business process. When ZCorum is integrated with your billing system we can activate CPE, and populate customer data in our diagnostics tools and End-user Support ticketing system. Integration with ZCorum’s tools means that you and your employees are less frustrated trying to find the information you need. Instead, you can spend more time serving your customers and furthering your profits and growth.

So, do you have systems in need of some integration TLC? ZCorum integrates with multiple Billing systems including GLDS, Azar and others.

To see which billing systems we are currently integrated with, visit our Partner Page. If you are interested in learning more about how we can integrate with your billing system, contact us.