ZCorum EngineersHave you ever wished you had more broadband engineers on staff?

You know–those times when everything seems to be going wrong on your network. Or, maybe it’s one of those big projects that come up without warning. Suddenly, you need more man-hours out of your staff but there’s not enough hour-hours in the day. Of course, you can’t staff  for those times. You don’t want to have too many technical people on the payroll. Not only is it costly to overstaff, you may wind up with a group of folks who spend the majority of their time trying to look busy or playing Star Wars on their laptop.

With ZCorum in your corner, you can rest a little easier. We have experienced broadband engineers available when you need them. Whether it’s making routing changes, bringing up a DSLAM, tuning a CMTS, or re-IPing your network, you can think of our staff as an extension of yours. Best of all, we bundle in up to five hours of basic engineering support and consulting as part of our managed broadband services. So, you’ll have access to an experienced broadband engineer that you can bounce ideas off of, or who can dig in and get his hands into your network. We’re also available on a contract basis for bigger jobs.

Does the thought of IPv6 make you want to look for another job. We’ll make you look good, instead. We can help determine what pieces and parts of your network are IPV6 ready and which ones are not. We can provide recommendations for making the most out of your IPv4 address space, and help you implement IPv6 solutions where needed. Plus, if getting your provisioning system ready to handle IPv6 is another mountain you can’t imagine climbing, we’ll get you set up on our Managed Provisioning service and have that path smoothed out for you in no time.

So, rest easy. With access to ZCorum’s experienced group of broadband engineers, you’ll be able to staff appropriately and still handle those occasional fire drills. Plus, you won’t have to manage a bunch of underutilized Jedi warriors.


Testimonials from ZCorum Affiliates

Just want to take a minute and brag on the engineering staff there at ZCorum. Frank is amazing. I REALLY enjoy working with him during maintenance windows and everyone there from Frank, to Scott, and Neal have always been so helpful. You guys are always great to us here in Monroe!
Mike McGuire, City of Monroe GA
We had several pieces of access equipment that we wanted to consolidate into one. ZCorum made a recommendation on the equipment we should get, and then they configured everything for us and helped turn it up. The engineering support we’ve received has been a true asset. We can tell that ZCorum really prides themselves in their level of customer service, which is something we at FirstMile can relate to.
Craig Kunkle, FirstMile Technologies


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