broadband network monitoringEver felt like two pair of eyes were better than one? With broadband network monitoring from ZCorum you’ll have a number of eyes standing by to keep watch on your network. We have folks up at all hours. It’s not that they can’t sleep. It’s just their job to be awake and watchful. They have access to screens with lots of colors that tell them what’s going on. When a bad color comes up, they’ll know, they’ll jump on it, and they’ll report back to you.

We watch equipment like routers, DSLAMS and CMTS, and keep tabs on services like DHCP, POP, SMTP, and even Web and FTP. If we’re handling your broadband network monitoring, it’s our job to keep an eye on those types of things for you. We’ll know if a critical piece of equipment decides it’s time to flake out, or if your backbone provider has a glitch and goes down. And, we’ll most likely know about it before you or your customers do. So, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You can rest easy knowing that our eyes are watching over your mission-critical equipment and circuits.

Hey, here’s a philosophical question for you. If a circuit goes down in the middle of the night and no one is around, does it make a sound? It really doesn’t matter. We’re always around, and we’re always watching so you don’t have to be. Oh… and if we can fix something without bothering you, we’ll do that. Yes, you heard that right. Sure, if you want to be called in the middle of the night, we can do that, too. Totally up to you. Or, you can let us run with it and we’ll call you in the morning. We’ll open a ticket on your behalf and work with your provider to get it fixed. Did we mention that we have it covered?  Get a good night’s sleep, and leave the broadband network monitoring to us.