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StoAmigo: CloudLocker

Offer Customers Their Own Personal Cloud!

You’ve heard of buying a star and naming it but what else can you do with it? You can make a wish on it or hitch your wagon to it, but not much else. But offering your customers their own personal cloud? Now that will set you apart from the competition.

What is CloudLocker?

You’ve heard of the cloud. It’s that something, somewhere out there, where all your files can be stored. But, unlike a public cloud, CloudLocker is a personal cloud device that’s kept in the user’s home or office. It connects easily to their home network and can be accessed directly from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

With CloudLocker your customers can instantly locate the files they need or access video and music playlists, on the go, wherever they are. Their files stay safe in CloudLocker, without taking up space on their devices. They can share all of their favorite digital media with anyone, without giving away copies and they control who can view, download and share their files.

Why CloudLocker? Security, privacy and control.

Many of your customers want to securely share and control files, but are worried about file security in the public cloud. Photographers, Lawyers, accountants, and others will appreciate the security, convenience and sharing controls of the CloudLocker. It’s a truly private, personal cloud that allows files to be stored safely at home or in the office, while allowing access from multiple devices and locations.

CloudLocker eliminates the concerns about using a public cloud. Users stay in control of their files at all times – from upload to sharing and posting on social media sites. And if they share something and want to take it back…they can do that too. All of their important files are kept totally private and secure. It sits safely at home or the office where the user can see it and touch it, yet gives them access to their files no matter where they are.

Your Customers Will Reap the Benefits

CloudLocker was designed to safeguard your customers’ files, while making communication and interaction even simpler. Offering CloudLocker to your subscribers, you can assure them that they are maintaining the highest level of privacy and security. Whether for home or business, CloudLocker’s secure digital storage is enhanced by a host of features that include controlled sharing, instant streaming and access to files anytime, anywhere.

Your commercial customers will be able to:

  • Store and access files, invoices, research materials, patient records, client contract details or any other files, at any time from anywhere.
  • Share files with anyone; clients, employees, or their potential customers without allowing them to download and keep the files.
  • Send confidential or sensitive documents with complete confidence that their files are secure.

Your residential customers will be able to:

  • Create a centralized library of all of their digital media, which can be accessed at home and on the go, and without taking up valuable hard drive space.
  • Stream music and video files seamlessly from mobile devices and on their DLNA-enabled devices and smart TVs.
  • Securely upload sensitive files like tax forms, insurance papers and vaccination records.
  • Safely share images and videos with friends, family and social media sites while maintaining control of their digital media.
Personal Cloud - CloudLocker
“For those for whom Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Dropbox’s server farms are too far away for comfort, CloudLocker gives you your own private cloud.”



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