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StoAmigo: FAQ

StoAmigo and ZCorum have partnered to bring you and your broadband subscribers the most advanced personal cloud technologies. Find answers to the common questions about the StoAmigo ecosystem, StoAmigo Tack App, and StoAmigo CloudLocker by following the links below.

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Tack App

Free software that allows you to share and access your computer files remotely

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StoAmigo Web Interface

Free online storage and controls for sharing files in Tack App & CloudLocker

StoAmigo Tack App

Your customers need the convenience of accessing their files, photos, and documents from the cloud, but many of them are rightly concerned about the privacy and security of that digital content once it leaves their computer.

You can be their digital hero – and boost their loyalty to your business – by recommending StoAmigo Tack App to them for free!

StoAmigo Tack App will turn your business or residential customer’s computer into their own personal cloud, eliminating the need for uploading data and keeping their content exclusively within their control.

Yes, StoAmigo Tack App is free. There are no fees for you to offer the service to your customers.

There are no fees for your customers to download, install, or use StoAmigo Tack App and their basic StoAmigo accounts.

StoAmigo Tack App is the best file sharing site for both your home and business broadband subscribers. StoAmigo Tack App is a small piece of software that sits on your customer’s computer and gives them free remote access to the files on that machine via another computer, a tablet, or a mobile device.

StoAmigo Tack App helps your customers create their own free, personal cloud without having to upload any files.

We find that broadband service providers are most successful in offering StoAmigo Tack App when they place a banner ad with a link to the free StoAmigo download page on their own home page. Some service providers also like to promote the service using ZCorum’s suite of marketing resources.

Absolutely! Here’s how you can download and try it:

  1. Download Tack App from StoAmigo for Windows or Mac and follow the prompts to start or run the installation.
  2. Open StoAmigo Tack App and follow the prompts to create your StoAmigo account. You’ll use to manage sharing and privacy settings for drives, folders, and files in your personal cloud.
  3. Once you’ve created your StoAmigo account, Tack App will allow you to log in and select which drive or folder you want to tack onto your personal cloud.

StoAmigo Tack App simply creates a secure connection between the files on your PC or Mac and the StoAmigo ecosystem in the cloud. You’ll use your StoAmigo account to control how you share (or don’t share) your digital files. StoAmigo empowers you to adjust privacy settings, un-tack your files, or remove access to a shared file.

ZCorum operates a white-label technical support center that assists customers with StoAmigo Tack App and personal cloud products via live chat or email. We also offer tutorials and step-by-step instructions on our white-label website, Learn more about technical support for StoAmigo Tack App.

StoAmigo Web Interface

StoAmigo is a powerful and revolutionary new way of accessing, storing, and sharing digital content through cloud technology. The StoAmigo ecosystem enables local computers and storage devices to privately and securely provide remote access to important photos, videos, documents, and other files.

StoAmigo Tack App and StoAmigo CloudLocker users will need to create a StoAmigo account to manage their files, storage, and sharing preferences. Basic StoAmigo accounts are free. is the interface by which your customers will select which drives or folders to “tack” into the cloud with StoAmigo Tack App, as well as manage the files on their StoAmigo CloudLocker device.


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