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Tack App

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Your broadband subscribers want the convenience of accessing their files, photos, and documents in the cloud, but many of them are concerned about the privacy and security of that digital content once it leaves their computer.

StoAmigo Tack App turns your customer’s computer into their own personal cloud, eliminating the need for uploading data and keeping their content exclusively within their control.

You can deliver free online storage and file sharing to your customers at no cost to your business with StoAmigo Tack App.

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Your customers need backup. They want free online storage and remote file access. Go beyond offering Internet and email access – bundle in storage with StoAmigo CloudLocker and you can save them the anguish of losing years of digital photos, home videos, and other important files.

StoAmigo CloudLocker is an external device that backs up your customer’s files and also makes them accessible through their own secure personal cloud with the StoAmigo web interface. Learn more about adding value to your Internet bundle with CloudLocker.

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