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StoAmigo: Tack App

Tack App Download GraphicTack Files to Your Personal Cloud

Your customers want the convenience of accessing their files, photos, and documents in the cloud, but many of them are concerned about the privacy and security of that digital content once it leaves their computer. With Tack App you can offer your customers a free tool that gives them the ability to easily and securely access and share files without relying on a public cloud service.

StoAmigo Tack App turns your business or residential customer’s computer into their own personal cloud, eliminating the need for uploading data and protecting their privacy by keeping their content exclusively within their control.

What is StoAmigo Tack App?

StoAmigo Tack App is the best file sharing site for both home and business users. StoAmigo Tack App is a small piece of software that sits on your customer’s computer and gives them free remote access to their files via another computer, a tablet, or a mobile device.

Why StoAmigo Tack App?

First, it’s convenient. When the boss forgot to pack his 40MB PowerPoint presentation, emailing such a large file is impossible. But StoAmigo Tack App lets your customer share that big, important presentation from their own computer and the boss can access it whenever he needs it, without the frustration of bounced emails and long uploads.

Second, StoAmigo Tack App is secure. Your customer’s files never leave their computer. They won’t upload anything into some random location in an overgrown server farm. They stay right on the customer’s computer, under whatever security they see fit.

Finally, StoAmigo Tack App protects your customer’s privacy. Sometimes your customer may decide that he really didn’t want the world to see his pictures from last Saturday night. If those not-suitable-for-mom’s-eyes images were shared via Tack App, your customer can revoke access to them with just a click.


Your commercial customers will be able to:

  • Share banking, accounting, and legal documents with their clients both privately and securely
  • Share internal notes, documents, photos, and training videos among their employees without worrying about unauthorized access
  • Revoke access to proprietary documents and digital content upon employee or client departure


Your residential customers will be able to:

  • Get remote access their tacked drives, folders, and files from another PC, Mac, or mobile device
  • Share access to their tacked files with someone else
  • Control or remove access to their shared files at any time by adjusting privacy settings, un-tacking them, closing Tack App, or simply turning off their computer


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Tack App for Windows

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Tack App for Mac OS


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