Advanced and Comprehensive GPS-Based Network Ingress Monitoring Solution

CPAT FLEX Ingress Detection Solution is a GPS-based continuous monitoring system that automatically detects and captures cable ingress events clearly and reliably. It automatically detects, records and dispatches ingress events, with unmatched speed and accuracy. This level of accuracy dramatically reduces the “find” time out of the “find-and-fix” equation, thus diminishing subscriber downtime related to ingress impairments

With the cable operators’ challenges of reducing truck rolls and operating costs, the CPAT Flex system provides ingress detection right when the repair technicians need it – onsite, saving countless hours of staff time, while improving customer satisfaction. The system can be configured with several components; from the Hand-held Portable unit, a Transmitter and Recording Device installed in the truck, a Receiver in head-end and an App for a technician’s mobile device.

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