CPAT Flex Leakage Detection: Features

Portable Ingress Radio Transmitter

The portable, hand-held ingress radio transmitter continuously transmits the test signal helping technicians find the source of ingress, as it pairs with the real-time ingress monitoring mobile application to locate ingress within feet. The transmitter can be installed in the patrol truck or carried by the repair technician.

Autonomous Recording Device

The recording device is a powerful wireless hub installed in the patrol vehicle. It records and transmits ingress, leakage, and position data points to the CPAT FLEX Server in real-time via cellular or Wi-Fi. Once connected to the hand-held portable unit, it works in continuous patrol mode, automatically recording data and enabling firmware updates.

Head-End Ingress Receiver

The head-end ingress receiver is the only fixed component of the Ingress Detection Solution. Installed at the headend, the receiver detects the return path test signals transmitted by the hand-held unit across the entire network. It identifies the origin of capture points on the network and sends the information to the CPAT FLEX Server, logging the geographical location of capture points.

Web-based Management Software

The CPAT FLEX Server software maps the position of vehicles, ingress and leakage events. The work order function sends event-related data to the repair technician’s mobile device. The software is customizable for control alarm preferences, repair rules, field device usage, and activity monitoring.

Real-time Ingress Monitoring Mobile Application

The real-time ingress monitoring mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices. From the palm of their hand, technicians can close or open events that have been assigned from the manager’s CPAT FLEX Server. A signal-strength display helps them quickly locate the ingress source. After repairs, they can close an event and add new ones, with the information automatically being updated in the CPAT FLEX Server on the manager’s end.


  • Detect ingress as it happens
  • Find and fix points of ingress and leakage in minutes
  • Reduce mean time to repair from hours to minutes with GPS-based solution
  • Smarter truck rolls and reduced customer churn through network reliability
  • Value-added complement to MSOs’ existing PNM tools

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