We have a wide variety of network and access equipment, including routers and switches from Juniper, and equipment for fiber deployment from Nokia such as OLTs and ONTs.

We can design the right solution for your networking needs, assist with purchasing the correct equipment, and work with you during the setup and integration of the solution. We also provide a full suite of solutions to assist after the sale.

Yes. All new equipment will include any manufacturers’ warranties that are available. Additionally, we can offer annual manufacturers’ warranties and support policies that would extend your protection beyond the initial coverage. ZCorum also offers engineering support that can assist when engaging with manufacturers on warranty and support issues.

Yes. We have partnerships with many vendors and can work with most other manufacturers’ distribution chains to provide you with additional options. We also have several relationships with gray market vendors that we can utilize to provide options on hard to find or lower cost solutions.
We specialize in broadband solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSP), specializing in Cable and Fiber deployments.

Yes, absolutely.  Newer technology and equipment can:

  • Improve Reliability
  • Increase Performance (better throughout and lower latency)
  • Reduce Operating Costs (less power and heat, smaller footprint, lower maintenance costs)
  • Deliver the Latest Technology and Services to your Subscribers.
Yes. Just contact one of our sales representatives and they will be happy to provide references.


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