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Demand for bandwidth is growing as more people stream HD video, share content, use social media, and play online games. Expectations are growing, too: consumers and businesses are constantly pushing for higher bit rates and better experiences. For operators, governments, and utilities, the ultimate response is to deploy fiber to the home.

In every FTTH network, there is the active part (OLTs), the passive part (outside plant), and the home connect and activation part (active and passive). Home connection and activation normally come at the last stage to integrate all the active and passive network elements that have been deployed and connect each individual user by bringing the fiber (final drop) into apartments and houses, validating the end-to-end fiber path, connecting ONTs, and then activating services on top. This is the time when years of investment can finally bear fruit.

A high-capacity FTTH network provides opportunities to:

  • Build a competitive advantage
  • Enhance the end-user experience
  • Accelerate the move to a digital society
  • Maximize revenues for decades to come
  • Maintain an eco-sustainable network that consumes less power


With Nokia, service providers have the tools they need to to deploy any ultra-fast fiber technology, advanced copper technology, or a mix of both. The Nokia solutions for Fixed Networks are Nokia Optical LAN, Gigabit Community, Fiber to the x (FTTx), and Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

  • Fixed Wireless Access Solution
  • FTTH Solution
  • FTTx Solution
  • Solutions for utility and government driven broadband
  • Nokia Optical LAN
  • Modular private wireless network solution

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