DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)

PreEqualization Analyzer is a Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) tool that allows you to find and fix micro-reflections and group delay caused by issues like loose connectors, corroded fittings and cracked or bent cables before they impact your subscribers. We use a methodology developed by CableLabs to analyze the pre-equalization data from the CPE on the cable network to determine which devices are being impacted and the approximate location of the fault. The data and mapping features in PreEqualization Analyzer can help you quickly improve the quality of your cable plant, increase the efficiency of your maintenance staff, and provide a better experience for your customers. Plus, you can access multiple tools that are invaluable for cable plant diagnostics from a single interface.

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PNM Ingress Video Thumbnail Updated

Finding Ingress

In this video, view how you can use DOCSIS PNM in PreEqualization Analzyer to track down ingress in your cable plant.

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Proactive w/ PNM

Are you reacting to problems rather than handling them as part of routine maintenance? It’s time to get proactive.

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PNM Webinar

You can use proactive network maintenance (PNM) tools to locate hidden impairments in your cable plant.

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Correlation Groups

Watch this video for info on using correlation groups in PreEqualization Analyzer.

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Finding Impairments

See how Sweetwater Cable TV used DOCSIS pre-equalization to solve network impairment issues in their cable plant.

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Pre-Equalization White Paper

Learn how pre-equalization provides immediate results on DOCSIS parameters in your plant.

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  • Three threshold levels show degrees of impairments
  • In-Channel Frequency Response chart
  • Interactive mapping shows location of modems and level of impairment
  • Groupings show modems experiencing similar impairments
  • Drill-in on worst performing modems
  • Search for individual modems by MAC address
  • View details of individual modem statistics and impairments
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