PreEqualization Analyzer: Benefits

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Proactive Troubleshooting

PreEqualization Analyzer gives you a clear view into the future of your network. It detects and shows you where issues like micro-reflections and group delay are occurring before your customers are impacted. Being able to address these issues before they are customer impacting makes it easier to implement the fixes into your regular maintenance routine. This will save you considerable time, money and frustration compared the usual break-fix method of maintenance that so often occurs.

Reduce Outages that Would Impact Multiple Subscribers

By addressing issues proactively, you will avoid future outages for individual subscribers as well as groups of subscribers. PreEqualization Analyzer identifies modems that are being impacted by a common impairment, and it can show you this before any subscribers are aware of the issue. We all know that faults like bad or rusty connectors, and cracks or bends in a cable do not get better over time. They get worse. You will have the time to find and correct these issues before they take you and your customers by surprise.

Quickly Locate Network Impairments

Trying to identify the source of network impairments can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. With PreEqualization Analyzer, you’ll be able to quickly find and pinpoint the location of the impairments within 50 feet. All of your devices are mapped and color coded by the severity of any impairments. You can see where an issue begins, and you are given the length of any reflections impacting the signal.  In addition, if your strand maps are in a digital format, they can be added to the application and overlaid on top of the mapped modems. This makes it much easier to determine where to send technicians to proactively resolve these issues.

Reduce Resolution Time

Troubleshooting impairments without the right diagnostic tools can lead to extended times of trial and error when trying to find the problem. PreEqualization Analyzer decreases the time it takes to find issues in your plant.

Detect Poor Performance in Devices

With data algorithms that are available within the tool, you can easily detect modems and devices in your cable plant that are underperforming and pinpoint the source and location of the problem. This allows you to proactively address an issue with a subscriber’s device before the subscriber is even aware that there is a problem.

Reduce or Eliminate Unnecessary Sweeps

PreEqualization Analyzer’s Sweep Analytics Tool (SAT) lets you do what is effectively a virtual sweep without ever leaving the office. With one click you can take a baseline reading of every subscriber device on a node. At any point later you can launch a virtual sweep with one click to compare the current readings to your baseline. The results are presented on the map, where it is easy to see any significant changes on the upstream or downstream on each device. This helps direct you to where any problems are so you can avoid going into the field and sweeping the plant to track down the issue.

Find Sources of Ingress

PreEqualization Analyzer is able to identify and keep track of modems that are intermittently reacting to noise being introduced locally. This helps you address those near-home and in-home sources of ingress that are so hard to find. This not only improves service for individual customers near the noise source, but it will quickly help you reduce the overall amount of noise on your upstream plant, improving the signal for all subscribers on that upstream.

Improve the Efficiency and Performance of your Cable Plant

PreEqualization Analyzer will significantly improve the quality of the RF signal across your cable plant as you efficiently resolve upstream and downstream impairments, and reduce noise and ingress in the plant. In addition, features like our OFDM Capacity Planning module and Profile Management Application (PMA) let you squeeze the most performance out of your HFC network, allowing you to leverage higher orders of modulation. PreEqualization Analyzer gives you the capability to provide a more reliable service and the higher speeds your subscribers are looking for so you can better compete with FTTH competitors.

Increased Subscriber Satisfaction

We’re all in the business of making customers happy. By using the tools in PreEqualization Analyzer you will be able to  increase subscriber satisfaction by virtue of the fact that you will be reducing unplanned outages, decreasing repair times, and improving the overall quality of the RF signal in your cable plant. These same factors will also reduce hold times in your Call Center, improving satisfaction with your customer service department.

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