PreEqualization Analyzer: PNM Professional Certification Training

DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) is a relatively new and powerful tool for cable operators. It lets you see upstream impairments in your cable plant like micro-reflections and group delay–before they become so bad that they begin impacting subscribers. PNM enables you to proactively fix the sources of those faults in your return path as part of your regular maintenance plan. This reduces outages and significantly improve signal quality.

Having a powerful tool is great, as long as you know how to use it effectively. While PNM can reduce costs and increase reliability, understanding how to apply proactive methodologies and making the most of PNM software can be a real mystery for many cable operators. We will answer questions like: What is DOCSIS PNM? How do I use a PNM tool? Where is the best place to start proactive maintenance in my cable plant?

Our PNM Professional Certification provides the information you need to successfully implement proactive network maintenance in your organization. You will learn how to address issues in advance, so that you are not constantly in a reactive repair mode when service is already down for one or more subscribers. Plus, we will demonstrate and practice real-world PNM methods in your office and out in the field. We will use our PreEqualization Analyzer PNM application to target homes that are sources of ingress in your return path, coupled with field test equipment to pinpoint the exact location.

When we’re done you will know how to successfully apply DOCSIS PNM methodologies and tools to increase the efficiency of your maintenance organization while improving service quality for your subscribers.

Don’t have PreEqualization Analyzer? We will give you 30 days free access so your staff can learn on the best PNM tool available, and even get in some practice after they’re trained.


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