Contact ZCorum for pricing at 800-909-9441. There is no cost to download the Remote Spectrum app, although the server side software must be purchased and installed before you can use the app, and there is a subscription cost for the app.
No, it doesn’t matter how many devices you have. The app can be used by authorized users to view spectrum from as many compatible customer devices as are available on the network.
Any cable modem or set-top box that supports the docsIf3CmSpectrumAnalysis functions in the current DOCS-IF3-MIB is compatible. There are already tens of millions of devices in the field that have hardware support that MIB. For a list of devices that should be compatible on the hardware side, click here.
No. Remote Spectrum is a client-server solution. There is a server-side software component that must be installed and a license key applied in order to run the software. This collects the spectrum information. The server software will also show you which devices on your network have compatible hardware and software. Once you have installed the server-side software, you can create user accounts for those who are to be authorized to view spectrum via the Remote Spectrum app. Once that is completed, those who have downloaded the Remote Spectrum app will be able to log in to the app to view the full spectrum passing through any compatible CPE.

Note: If you have TruVizion, you do not need server software or a Remote Spectrum client to view spectrum on compatible devices. TruVizion has a spectrum tab where you can view spectrum for a modest fee, and you can access spectrum via TruVizion’s TechVizion app, as well. Contact your Business Account Manager for more information. If you would like to learn more about TruVizion and TechVizion, go to:

You can download the Remote Spectrum Server-side Admin Software version that is compatible with your server.

The first thing you should do is contact your supplier to see if the firmware for the CPE you have in the field can be upgraded to support spectrum capture, and if so when that will be available. If your current CPE hardware does not support spectrum capture, be sure that the new equipment you buy does. You can then begin deploying compatible CPE for new subscriber installs and wherever CPE needs to be replaced. In addition, you can strategically place some number of compatible devices at various customer locations in your plant to help zero in on downstream issues, much like you would do with a probe.
Remote Spectrum is currently compatible with Android-based smartphones and tablets and is available in the Google Play store.
Yes. You can download a desktop version of the App that will work on a PC or MAC. You can get that on our download page.

In the future we plan on releasing Apps for the iPad and iPhone.
Yes, you need the current version of Adobe AIR. When you download the application from the app store it should install Adobe AIR if you do not already have it.
The Remote Spectrum server-side component resides in your network, and is protected by the network security that you already have in place. You use an Administration Console in the server-side software to control which of your staff can view spectrum using the Remote Spectrum client-side app.

Here are the requirements to successfully install the Admin software:

  • You must have SNMP access to all the modems that you would like the system to support
  • You must have web access for the administrator that will use the system
  • The administrator will need admin access to the server to install the software
  • For Linux Installations: You must have Tomcat 7.x installed, as well as the latest Java JRE and any OS that you can run Tomcat on (such as Linux or Windows). For information on downloading and installing Tomcat, look here.
  • For Windows Installations: You must have Windows 7 or greater installed.
  • To complete installation of the software
    1. You must have an installation (license) key from ZCorum.
    2. If you are currently a ZCorum affiliate please contact your BAM for an installation (license) key.
    3. If you are not currently a ZCorum affiliate please contact your sales associate for an installation (license) key.
No, but you want to locate the server where it can reach the customer devices from which you want to capture spectrum. This can be done via a tunnel if not a direct connection.
No, the DOCSIS version you are running is irrelevant so long as you have a model of modem that has both the hardware and the firmware needed.
For more information and community support please visit our Remote Spectrum Support Forum. Email support is always available by contacting us through this form


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