Set-top Box Diagnostics and TV Viewership Analytics

Your customers have more options than ever for video content, so it’s more important than ever that you provide a good experience for your subscribers. SetTop VU Set-top box Diagnostics displays key metrics from compatible set-top boxes in your network, helping you identify issues that could be causing a poor experience with your video service. Cut down talk-time in your Call Center and reduce truck rolls by giving your staff the ability to remotely view status and diagnostics information that would normally require a visit to the subscriber’s home.

Plus, you will have access to a separate portal that provides comprehensive TV Analytics data on the viewing behavior of your subscribers, allowing you to measure the rating, share, reach, or minutes viewed on any program, network or ad. Target your ads and promotions based on viewing behavior and demographic information, and negotiate more effectively with programmers by understanding the exact performance of each channel and program.

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