Proactive Downstream Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis

SpectraVizion is a web-based, remote spectrum analyzer application that automatically detects common downstream spectrum issues like Suck-outs, Roll-off, Tilt, Standing Waves, Adjacency, Resonant peaking and FM Noise. SpectraVizion doesn’t wait for your customers to call. It is a proactive, downstream spectrum monitoring and analysis tool that actively monitors the downstream by polling every cable modem and set-top box that supports full band capture. It takes a snapshot of the full spectrum for all video and data channels, identifies the devices being impacted by downstream faults and displays a list of those devices. With one click you can drill in to see the spectrum captured that day, and click again to see captures from previous days. You can also rescan the modem at any time to capture the current spectrum and see if anything has changed. With SpectraVizion you can proactively address downstream issues and check spectrum before leaving the office, allowing you to send the right technician to the right place the first time.

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Product Sheet

Proactively reports common spectrum problems like suck-out, tilt, roll-off, standing waves, adjacency and FM noise.

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White Paper

Read about the benefits of remote spectrum analysis and improvements in tools in this white paper.

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