No. SpectraVizion is part of our PreEqualization Analyzer DOCSIS PNM application. However, the downstream spectrum diagnostics features are so powerful we wanted to highlight them on their own site. 
SpectraVizion polls once per day all CPE that support full band spectrum capture, and displays a detailed, interactive image of the RF spectrum chart. Advanced algorithms are able to determine if the spectrum signal is being impacted by common downstream impairments and those devices are shown in a list on the dashboard.
Full-Band Capture and Full-Spectrum Capture are names from chip manufacturers for the capability in newer cable modems and set-top boxes to capture the downstream spectrum passing through the device. Software like SpectraVizion uses the data collected from the tuners in the chipset and then presents a capture of the spectrum from that device. Prior to this capability, a technician would need to be onsite with a meter to view the downstream spectrum at that location.
SpectraVizion will identify common spectrum issues like Suck-outs, Standing Waves, Resonant Peaking, Adjacency, Roll-off, Tilt and FM Radio Ingress.
Yes. There is a FBC (Full Band Capture) Correlation Group feature in the application that looks at the spectrum from all FBC compatible modems. In addition to identifying common spectrum issues, it knows where the devices are geographically located and if nearby devices are experiencing an RF issue with the same spectrum response, it places that cluster of devices in a group. You can click on that group to plot all of the impacted devices on the map. And, you can click from map pin to map pin to view a snapshot of the downstream spectrum to confirm that they are all experiencing the same issue.
The application will identify multiple impairments. This will be noted in a table in the dashboard that shows you which devices are experiencing an impairment and what kind. You will also see multiple impairments identified on the spectrum chart.
SpectraVizion captures the spectrum for each device that has been set to be polled. While the polling captures spectrum once per day, there is a button to rescan a modem at any time, so you can see a new capture of the spectrum from that moment. This is very useful if you are addressing an issue and want to see if the repair resolved the problem.
Yes. You are able to see an archive of previous daily captures just by clicking on previous days. This way you can compare earlier days with the current day and see if there is an ongoing issue or how the spectrum has changed over time. You can archive a few days or a month or more of spectrum captures on polled modems.
Yes. The mobile app is called NimbleThis PNM 2.0, and it is available in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.
From the main dashboard you are able to create a Work Order on any device in the list. For example, if you have a device with spectrum that shows an obvious suck-out, you can click an icon to start a Work Order, and select a technician to assign the Work Order to. The technician will receive the Work Order in their Nimble PNM app, which is the mobile app that works in conjunction with PreEqualization Analyzer and SpectraVizion.


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