Advanced Diagnostics for FIBER and DOCSIS Networks

TruVizion is a patented and award winning diagnostics application that offers broadband operators comprehensive data on the health of their broadband network and CPE. Aggregated data collected from the OLT and CMTS, along with individual performance metrics from ONTs in subscriber homes and cable modems, provide a full picture of what is going on and which issues should be addressed first. The real-time and historical information in TruVizion’s intuitive interface, along with advanced mapping capabilities, helps staff from multiple disciplines do their job better and more efficiently. You will resolve outages more quickly, reduce the number and length of truck rolls, improve the quality of new installations, and increase efficiency in the Call Center, all of which lead to lower costs and a better experience for your customers.

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Fiber Product Sheet

View the specific diagnostics features for Fiber broadband networks.

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DOCSIS Product Sheet

View the specific diagnostics features for DOCSIS broadband networks.

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Recover from Cable Outages

Recover from Outages

Outages happen. Sometimes they’re beyond your control, like when a storm moves through. TruVizion’s patented technology includes reporting and mapping that helps you zero in on which parts of your service area are being affected. Sending your repair technicians to the right place faster will reduce downtime and operational costs.

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Reduce Call Center Costs Cable Operator

Reduced Call Center Costs

TruVizion will help your Call Center staff handle calls more quickly and efficiently. They can see the current status of a device and its stability over time, bandwidth use, current and historical RF readings, VoIP and WiFi statistics, and compare readings with nearby devices. A shorter call and faster resolution means lower Call Center costs for you, and happier customers.

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Tracking DOCSIS Codeword Errors

Keep on Top of Codeword Errors

In TruVizion you can see your current and historical codeword error data for subscribers and ports, both correctable and uncorrectable. This allows you to stay on top of errors that can be an indicators of future problems, or a current service-affecting issue.

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DOCSIS DSL and GPON Diagnostics

Cross-Platform Support

TruVizion’s patented technology includes features for Cable, DSL and Fiber providers. Does your company offer two or three of those services? Even better. Then you’ll have one, integrated tool to troubleshoot all your broadband networks.

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Historical DOCSIS Diganostics

A Historical Perspective

You may have heard it said that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. TruVizion remembers the past so you don’t have to. You’ll have up to 90 days of historical modem readings right when you really need them. You can chart a modem’s readings over time with one click, and with one more click you can compare those readings with five other nearby modems.

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DOCSIS DSL and GPON Diagnostics

Improve Installations

TruVizion’s Post-install report shows you how a modem was performing on the first day of install. Armed with this information you can quickly address service issues and determine when additional training is needed. As you improve your installs, you’ll save money by reducing truck rolls to fix install issues.

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Geocoding Cable Modems

Keep Track of Your CPE

In TruVizion you can see all of the devices on your network in one report, including the manufacturer, model and firmware level. Plus, you can see who has them and where they are located in your plant. This helps you better manage the devices and firmware in your network.

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Mapping Cable Modems

Maps That are Useful

Mapping is really only useful if you can use the map to resolve issues. In TruVizion you can filter out the noise by mapping only specific subscribers based on things like the online status of the modem, RF alert levels, network location and even the modem vendor and model. It’s the perfect tool for tracking down and resolving outages and those pesky network issues.

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“I’m working on an outage here in Vermont where the current temp is -12 (that’s not a typo) and I just wanted to tell you how much TruVizion is helping us out in finding the problem. In weather like this your software program is invaluable to us.”
George Goodrich, TransVideo
“The pre-planning ZCorum did prior to migrating our subscribers obviously paid off. I can’t say what you might have done differently to have made it any smoother, which is a testimony to how well it went. We’re very happy with the level of service we and our customers receive from ZCorum, and are also big fans of the TruVizion diagnostics software, which is much better than what we had before.”
Bob Young, WEHCO Video
“I’m REALLY enjoying the Geo-Coding feature you guys added. I really love the software and I love the way you are continually expanding the product.”
Oliver Wilson, St. Maarten Cable TV
TruVizion is a Godsend for us. We’re able to identify and resolve the root issues causing service problems at the subscriber level, and that has reduced our service calls tremendously. I was doing twenty to thirty calls a week before and now it’s less than ten.”
Jeff Phillips, S. Breyer Cable
With the live data, historical reporting and mapping in TruVizion, we don’t have to send our techs out in the field to chase down problems.
Tony Ashcraft, Crestview Cable
We had a storm outage the other day and we were able to pinpoint where an amp was down before our crew ever left the building. A great money and time saver.
Jeff Cracraft, Limestone Cablevision