Return Path Spectrum Analyzer Software for your CMTS

Upstream Analyzer is a web-based return path spectrum analyzer application that displays the upstream spectrum from your CMTS in real time from anywhere. It’s 100% software-based and we host it, so there’s no expensive upstream spectrum analyzer or headend equipment to buy, no cabling, no splitters or connectors to hassle with. That’s right. No changes in your combining plant or RF Switches needed. All you need is your CMTS and Upstream Analyzer and your staff can view the upstream spectrum from your CMTS wherever they happen to be, whether that’s at their desk or in the field.

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Analyzing Ingress on Return Path

Most ingress in your return path enters at the subscriber’s home or at the drop and funnels back to the CMTS.

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White Paper

Learn more about tools for analyzing and monitoring return path ingress in DOCSIS Cable Plants.

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Upstream Analyzer Product Sheet Tilted Updated

Product Sheet

Read about how you can remotely view ingress in your DOCSIS return path without expensive, proprietary hardware.

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 See Ingress Under the Carrier

Sometimes a noise problem can be hidden under the DOCSIS carrier. View noise under the cable modem with one click.

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remote return path monitoring webinar


Find out how you can manage ingress and noise by monitoring the upstream spectrum path in your DOCSIS network.


Upstream Analyzer: Remote Return Path Analysis  

upstream analyzer cmts monitor screenUpstream Analyzer is a return path spectrum analyzer that reads the spectrum directly from your CMTS, so your field techs can troubleshoot return path issues with nothing more than a PC, tablet or smartphone. Upstream Analyzer gives clear visibility of service impacting issues and enables your headend technicians or maintenance techs to troubleshoot upstream issues quickly and efficiently. You can give access to Upstream Analyzer to any number of staff for no additional cost.

Upstream Analyzer shows you ALL of your data, not just a sample like others do. You can even see ingress under the carrier with one click. Most return path monitoring systems won’t show you that. And that data is 100% accurate so you’re seeing in-band and in-service faults that standard spectrum tools frequently miss.

You’ll be able to:

  • View upstream spectrum for any port from any location on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone
  • Fully software-based. No expensive equipment to buy and maintain. No complicated cabling needed or headend real estate used.
  • See ingress under the carrier with one simple click. No more moving the modem to a different frequency just to see the problem.
  • 100% accurate data from the CMTS. Not an estimate like you get with some return path spectrum analyzer and monitoring systems.
  • Upstream Monitor feature lets you look back at the historical spectrum on any channel.


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