Carrier Grade NAT and IPv6 Solutions

Are you running out of IPv4 addresses?  Losing sleep over a transition to IPv6?

Carrier Grade NAT provides a way to extend the life of your IPv4 network by conserving IPv4 addresses while simultaneously offering a smooth transition to IPv6. The time to plan for this transition is now. There are no more IPv4 addresses to be had from the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Your only other choice is to buy more IPv4 addresses from a broker, and the cost per IP address has been steadily climbing. That’s not a good choice if you plan on growing your subscriber base. ZCorum has several CGNAT solutions that support the smallest operators to the largest.

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Conserving IPv4 Addresses

Learn strategies for conserving IPv4 addresses using CGN solutions.
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When transitioning to IPv6, select Carrier Grade NAT to handle the millions of sessions that will result from user activity.

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View the features and benefits of our Carrier Grade NAT appliance.

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Read about the features and benefits of our Carrier Grade NAT solution and how you can seamlessly transition to IPv6.

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Read how Carrier Grade NAT can help conserve IPv4 addresses.

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Are you ready for IPv6?

With the roll out of huge numbers and the wide variety of connected devices that demand IP addresses, the ability to preserve the functionality of your current IPv4 addresses while leaving your options open for how you will migrate to IPv6 is not a choice but a necessity.

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