Yes, we can support your customers whenever you need us, whether that’s only on weekends or holidays, after-hours when your staff has left, or we’ll take overflow calls at any time when your support line gets busy.
Yes. Every call is entered into our Customer Care System (CCS). You can see real-time status on the tickets that are being worked, and will get alerts on any unresolved cases. We also use CCS to escalate tickets on issues that need to be addressed by your staff. Your staff can add information to those tickets as needed and close the ticket when done. You can also use CCS to add a Call-Back ticket, which is a request that we call a subscriber during a specific time period.
Yes. All calls that are received in our queues are recorded, and you can request recordings for specific calls.
Yes. We help configure email on the device, help get it connected to WiFi, and help with general questions on device use, such as how to browse and get email.
Yes. We help them get their WiFi network set-up and help with network security. We help get wireless devices connected, including gaming consoles. We help set up port forwarding if needed, help bring new devices online, and diagnose connection problems.
Yes, we do quite a bit more than an answering service. We can help the subscriber refresh their Set-top Box, check credit for Pay-per View events, make sure they are subscribed to the right video package, and provide connection assistance and general customer education.
Yes. If you have our VoiSelect VoIP service, we help troubleshoot call quality, connectivity, use of features like call forwarding, voicemail, etc. If it’s your own VoIP service, we can help support with feature use, but will refer call quality and feature-related issues back to you. On traditional POTs service we can take the initial call for you and do basic troubleshooting. We will dispatch the call to you if we determine the problem needs to be addressed by your staff.
Yes. We help support the major security suites, including assisting with configuration of the software and educating the customer on its use and features. We also help customers if we see conflicts between multiple installed virus programs, and we will help them clean their system if it looks like they are infected with a virus.
If we’re providing email service for your subscribers, we proactively handle situations where we believe a customer’s system is being used to send out spam, such as helping them remove a spam bot from their system. If we are providing the IP addresses for your customers, we also can handle copyright abuse complaints.
Yes, we can take control of the customer’s PC it we feel it is necessary to resolve the issue, and customer authorizes it. We don’t have a need to take control very often, and sometimes it’s not possible due to the issue, such as a call where the customer is having a problem with their connection.
If you have our TruVizion diagnostics platform with compatible DOCSIS, DSL or Fiber devices, we will use that system to help troubleshoot the subscriber more efficiently. If you have your own diagnostics tool that you would like us to use, we can make arrangements to be trained on and use that application.

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