ISPs know that managing email servers is no day at the beach. Managing a corporate email server is no picnic, either.  Go ask any email admin. Then ask them what they would pay to remove that headache from their workday. We can ease the pain by getting you or your business customers up and running on Google G Suite. Plus, our friendly and experienced representatives will provide ongoing support for the mail administrator from our US-based call centers.

Why Go Google?

Google G Suite saves money and increases efficiency. Unlike Microsoft Exchange Server or most other corporate email solutions, G Suite is hosted in the cloud. That means no server or software to buy, no patches to load, no system upgrades that will cost thousands of dollars down the road, no email admins pulling their hair out. With G Suite, updates are done automatically— at no additional cost. Imagine that. Nothing to manage or maintain. G Suite can even sync existing email, calendar and contacts from Microsoft Exchange so staff can continue to use their familiar Microsoft Outlook client without an Exchange server.

G Suite makes it easy and affordable to offer commercial email and productivity tools, including:

Gmail–Up to 30GB of storage per user, spam filtering, integrated text, voice, and video chat, and other productivity innovations such as Priority Inbox. Gmail is accessible securely from almost any mobile device, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

Google Calendar — Employees can organize their schedules and create and manage shared calendars with colleagues. Multiple calendars can be overlaid to view free and busy times at a glance, and things like conference rooms, projectors, and other resources can be set up and reserved for meetings. Google Calendar is available from any web browser and all major mobile platforms, and can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook.

Google Drive and Docs — Get personal storage space for all kinds of files, plus multi-person, real-time creation and collaboration for Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings. Your staff can work efficiently and avoid the hassles of attachments and version-control issues. Google Drive can import and export from all common file formats, and provides file permissions so it’s easy to control who can view or edit important information. Collaboration is simple and occurs in real time. Any edits made to a Google Apps file is saved and updated automatically to ensure that everyone involved is working with the most up-to-date version.

Google Groups — Create administrator and user-managed email lists and discussion groups. Each group has a browsable, searchable archive for easy, secure access to important information in past discussions and threads.

Google Sites — Create and share project websites or intranet pages without programming skills. It’s easy to centralize and collaborate on documents, calendars, videos, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Google while your email admin still has some hair left.

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