GPON Provisioning and Activation

Network Performance and Availability

In response to the surge in demand for high bandwidth, GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) has emerged as the most economical fiber option. Getting fiber to the customer allows higher data speeds, opens new business opportunities, and keeps subscribers happy. But GPON provisioning can be frustrating for you and your subscribers with multiple vendor issues and installation errors.

You can now simplify your provisioning and management processes with the FiberVU multi-vendor GPON management application. FiberVU solves the challenges of too-long installation times, multi-vendor CPE and installation quality.

Provisioning for Multiple Devices

FiberVU is compatible with platforms like Huawei, ZTE, Dasan, Eltex and Fiberhome, keeping you from being locked in to a specific vendor with your subscribers. Device settings are conveniently configured and integrated into the network. FiberVU will provision and manage subscriber and device information for large and small networks with ease, and can integrate to your CRM/OSS billing systems.


Network monitoring ensures that you’re notified when outages occur, which increases network efficiency by ensuring that all new network devices are operating seamlessly. FiberVU collects all the data from your network to make sure that you are aware of every piece of information passing through and gives you an overall and detailed system status. You can retrieve graphs, spreadsheets, bandwidth and utilization, current and historical data, and many other values on one interface.

FiberVU supports remote management via any web browser or smart phone, various notifications methods, and multiple location monitoring.

GPON Module

  • Management of passive optical networks (PON)
  • OLT and ONU administration, statistics, graphs
  • Automatic IP address assignment to the terminal nodes
  • PPPoE / DHCP support
  • Measurement and display of the terminal node traffic
  • Bandwidth control on the devices
  • Easy network setup, display and management

Mobile Module

  • Gain access to network management system surface
  • Device-independent Web-based application
  • Device detection
  • Targeted searching interface
  • Simplified search results output
  • Save time with easier provisioning and monitoring

Product Sheet

View the provisioning and management features available in FiberVU in this product sheet.

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