Managed Broadband Services and Support

Competition for Internet Service Providers is high, and so is the complexity and breadth of services required to stay in the game. That’s why ZCorum offers a bundled suite of services to providers. Our Full Service package is helping scores of operators compete more effectively in hundreds of communities nationwide.  The package includes device provisioning, domain name service (DNS), hosted email, 24 x 7 end-user support, network monitoring, and five hours of engineering services each month.  We will even handle abuse complaints, including any DMCA notifications received regarding claimed copyright infringement by your subscribers.  And, that’s not all. If you provide broadband over DOCSIS, Fiber or DSL and the equipment is supported, you also will receive our patented TruVizion diagnostics suite. This allows you to focus on growing your business.

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Product Sheet

We provide industry-leading managed services and diagnostics at a far less price than it would cost to do it on your own.

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Full Services Package for Broadband Providers Video

Full Service Benefits

Here are some benefits of choosing ZCorum’s Full Services package over a la carte options.

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Who Needs Full Services?

Large MSO’s with several systems finding themselves with resource constraints, a looming time to market, limited capital budget or limited operating budget. The rapid implementation of services helps large operators generate additional revenue streams while at the same time avoiding video losses to competitors. Operators are up and running quickly and positioned not only to compete for market share locally, but also to aggressively pursue its growth and system acquisition strategy.

Mid-tier operators with around 30,000 subscribers who have limited ability to scale to 24X7 operations, limited engineering resources, and direct competition with large, well-funded national networks. Deploying fast and accurate customer service on a 24X7 basis, mid-tier operators are able to counter the capabilities of a competing broadband service by providing outstanding end user support and begin growing its subscriber base. Additionally, by utilizing TruVizion, operators can maximize and increase their overall network availability.

Small, independent cable operators with a few miles of plant and a few hundred homes passed are able to achieve break even with 40 data subscribers and soon after that begin to see profitability. Operators are able to reduce and eventually eliminate video losses and continue to run a successful service for their community.

ZCorum provides operators of all sizes with a selection of back-office services and solutions that increase the ability to compete in today’s rapidly changing environment. So no matter what your goals are, our team will work with you to put together a package that will help your company operate more profitably while improving the subscriber experience.