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We developed our Full Services Solution for operators who want additional help without the burden of taking on extra staff and equipment. We know how busy you are managing and growing your business. You need a partner who understands how the efficiency and reliability of your broadband operation is critical to your success — one who will be responsive to your needs, and who will treat your customers with the same care as you would. Our Full Services Solution has you covered!

The Full-Service Solution includes all of the features and benefits of the following ZCorum Services:

Provisioning is probably the last thing you think about, but it’s the first thing that happens when a customer connects. When it works, no one notices. When it doesn’t work, you’ll hear about it in a hurry.

Architecture – Hosted or Server

Redundant Fail-Over Capability

VoIP eMTA Activation and Configuration

Dynamic File Generation

ZCorum Provisioning handles your customers with care during all phases of the customer’s lifecycle, including:

Easy Activations, Deactivations, and Seasonal Suspends

Operator and Self Installation Toolkits

Customer Self-Care Tools and Knowledge Database

Easy to use diagnostic tools for fast and accurate RF and IP issue assessment

Simple Product and Package Upgrades and Downgrades

TruVizion is an application that offers advanced diagnostics information to help technicians respond to individual subscriber issues and outages more quickly, which reduces operational costs and improves subscriber satisfaction. A variety of real-time and historical information also enables your staff to diagnose plant-wide problems, including intermittent issues that are so hard to track down.

TruVizion Diagnostics for Broadband Networks & CPE

TechVizion Mobile Diagnostics App

Optional Outage Heat Map to Place on your Website

ZCorum support facilities successfully handle thousands of support calls every day with industry-low wait times and abandon rates, and top satisfaction ratings.

The ZCorum Technical Support Center is designed to be highly effective and efficient in addressing problems at multiple levels of the broadband operation. Utilizing all of the tools and knowledge at their disposal the call center team operates in a learning environment that implements new training on various products, devices and technological advances on an ongoing basis.

Broadband Operators of all sizes take advantage of this 24X7 facility because of its capability to efficiently and economically handle complex end user issues including:

Global Outage Notifications

Enterprise and Individual Problem Identification

In-home Networking and Advanced Service Problem Resolution

PC issues including OS, EMAIL, and Network Configuration Issues

Cable TV, Gaming Devices, Pay Per View, Streaming Video

All operators with the Full Service package enjoy features such as:

Optional Dedicated Toll-free number with Private Labeled IVR and Notification Messages

Technical Support Ticketing System

Call Escalation Process to Ensure Maximum Successful Call Completion

Quality Assurance Monitoring and Tracking of Critical Call Handling Statistics

ZCorum provides broadband operators with robust privately labeled, hosted email solution. ZCorum includes up to five email accounts per user with our Full Services offering. Subscribers can access their email via our webmail application, or through an email client such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird. Inbound and Outbound messages are scanned and filtered for spam and virus activity, thereby protecting the networks of both the operator and the end user.

When the unexpected happens, you can rest easier with ZCorum backing you up. Included with Full Services are five hours of engineering assistance. Our team of network engineers is skilled in cable, DSL, wireless and fiber networks and are available to provide assistance with diagnostics and troubleshooting, equipment recommendations and configuration, or just general advice. We also monitor your broadband network all day and night, including backbone connections, routers and access equipment. If you want, we will even work with your backbone provider on your behalf if you have an issue. This is an especially nice benefit if something goes down in the middle of the night.

Optional Billing Integration

Customer Management System


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