Comprehensive IPTV Solution for Broadband Providers

SFN TV Now is a fully-featured IPTV solution that is much less costly, and much easier to manage than a traditional Pay TV service. With the costs associated with providing a traditional Pay TV service rising, and the returns on that investment declining, you may be considering exiting the video business. If you’re not already offering video, you may have decided it’s not worth getting started. Fortunately, there is now a better option with SFN TV Now. There is no complicated and expensive headend infrastructure to set up or maintain, and you don’t need to worry about obtaining programming content rights or renegotiating renewals.

If you are a Cable Operator, Telephone Company, Municipality, or another company providing broadband service, you can now offer your subscribers a linear, IPTV-based TV experience over your broadband connection quickly and easily at a much lower cost. SFN TV Now delivers national and local broadcast channels to your subscribers’ big screens, PCs, laptops, or mobile devices in their home.

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