SFN TV Now is a linear IPTV solution that is delivered over your broadband connection to your customers. Customers using the service can view live TV in the same way they would on a traditional, linear Pay TV service, but with more choices in how and when they watch. They can watch TV at home on their big screen, or stream to other devices like a laptop, tablet or phone. And, as long as they are your broadband subscribers, they can watch their favorite live content wherever they happen to be.
Compared to a traditional video headend, there is very little equipment. You will just need a few pieces of equipment and only a few rack units (RUs) of space. 
No. Your subscribers can bring their own device. SFN TV Now is compatible with popular Android-based streaming devices and set-top boxes like Roku and others. You can, however, provide one of these devices as part of your service if you choose to.
No. That is all included and taken care of for you.  You don’t need to deal with obtaining programming rights, or worry about any stressful renegotiations regarding specific channels or content.
Yes. We will work with the local, over-the-air TV providers in your area to obtain retransmission rights on your behalf. We will also walk you through how to set up the equipment that will encode and ingest that local content so it can be delivered to your subscribers over your broadband connection.
Yes. We have packages from a “Lifeline” basic plan, which includes local channels and a few national channels, and a Standard Basic package that adds many of the popular national channels. Our Expanded Basic adds even more channels like the ESPN and Fox Sports lineups, Bravo, Cooking Channel, Turner Classic Movies and Telemundo. We also offer a Premium tier that adds Showtime, The Movie Channel and Starz channels.
Absolutely. All of the agreements are in place with full rights to offer the programming that is available through our service.
The service operates as low as 2 Mbps on mobile devices. For a big screen we recommend 10 Mbps.
There are several advantages. For example:

    • Much less costly and less complicated than setting up and maintaining your own headend
    • No need to provide or maintain Set-top Boxes
    • You don’t have to obtain programming or participate in contract renewals
    • Your customers can take live TV with them wherever they go
    • Faster time to market
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