IPTV: Features and Benefits


  • No big dishes and no racks of equipment to buy or maintain
  • No Set-top box needed
  • High quality video picture from phones to big screens
  • Popular national channels and local content
  • Say goodbye to programming contract negotiations and renewals
  • Supports popular devices like Roku, and Android-based set-top boxes
  • Runs on Windows-based laptops and PCs, as well as Android and Apple mobile devices
  • DVR storage for no additional fee
  • Optional 24 x 7 x 365 end-user support


Reduces Your Equipment Cost

We have a low cost of entry, which is much less costly than setting up your own headend. There’s also no need to provide a set-top box as it operates on Android-based boxes and popular streaming set-top boxes for in-home TV. We also support Android and Apple iOS so your subscribers can take their TV with them. Recorded programs will be viewable for up to two full weeks in our integrated cloud DVR system.

Reduces Your Operating Costs

There is much less equipment that you need to maintain. Also, the cost of obtaining your own programming is eliminated. And, there are no more stressful negotiations over contract renewals with SFN TV Now. Billing your subscriber is also easy with integration available through our API.

Increases Your Profit

We provide a lower cost, all-in-one package alternative to traditional cable TV, which will provide you with a better margin on your video offering.

Puts Your Customer in Control of Their TV Experience

We offer your subscribers a more flexible video experience compared to traditional cable TV. Customers will have the choices they want for their TV experience with a wide array of popular national and local channels, all in one service, reducing the need to subscribe to multiple streaming services. And they can view their favorite channels and programs from their couch on a big screen, or on their phone or other device.

End User Support

Our company-owned and US-based call centers are ready to support your customers via phone, chat, or email, any time of day, 365 days a year. We can help with product features, and troubleshoot any video issues. We can even provide support for their broadband connection and home network if you would like us to. This will create one, seamless IPTV support experience for your customers, and they will thank you for it.



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