Hosted VoIP Solution for Broadband Providers

With VoiSelect Hosted VoIP you can quickly roll out affordable and reliable voice service with no capex costs and none of the headaches associated with managing a voice network. If you are a cable company, telco, a muni or WISP interested in VoIP, we make it easy—whether you’re expanding into new markets, switching from an existing provider, eliminating aging telecom equipment, or are simply brand new to voice.

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Commercial Voice Opportunities

Commercial Voice Revenue Opportunities

ZCorum and Alianza discuss revenue opportunities providers can implement for businesses.

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Transforming VoIP Economics: Cloud Based Platform

Read on to find out why providers are migrating to the cloud to eliminate cost and complexity.

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VoiSelect: Hosted VoIP

With VoiSelect from ZCorum, you don’t have to worry about building and managing your own voice network. Your job is to market the service and collect the revenue. We do the rest. That means we take care of the complicated back-end infrastructure and voice services, including:

  • CPE Provisioning
  • New local and virtual numbers
  • Local number porting (LNP)
  • Call routing and session control
  • Branded Voice Portal
  • Call Detail Records (CDRs)
  • Directory Assistance
  • e911 and CALEA compliance

Optional Services:

  • Technical support for your subscribers
  • TruVizion Diagnostics for troubleshooting data and voice connections