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Our Speakers

Art Skinner
Art SkinnerVP of Worldwide Sales
Art Skinner delivers practical guidance for turning broadband technology into a competitive advantage. With insights on topics related to improving operational efficiency with software tools, bundling services and WiFi challenges, Art offers timely observations about the industry and its new opportunities.
Rick Yuzzi
Rick YuzziVP of Marketing
Rick Yuzzi offers practical initiatives to help broadband companies gain new customers and increase brand awareness. Rick has become a valuable resource for organizations interested in marketing themselves to meet the competition head on.
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Art Skinner’s Presentations for 2018

The shift from traditional testing equipment to software-based diagnostics tools has steadily gained momentum over the last 10 years. Traditional cable plant and network maintenance has always been very complicated and expensive. The amount of truck rolls and variety of hardware required to keep them running is daunting. You need a whole team of experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update everything.

When you multiply this effort across dozens of headends and thousands of subscribers, it’s easy to see why the biggest companies with the best IT departments have the advantages needed to keep their businesses thriving. Small and mid-sized operators don’t stand a chance operating the old way.

This session will discuss the advantages of software-based diagnostics tools over traditional equipment. Key points will include:

  • Business cases outlining how the tools have improved efficiency and the operator’s bottom line.
  • Activities that are managed from central locations rather than at each customer’s home.
  • How the latest innovations in broadband diagnostics are simplifying maintenance and support.
  • Billing, diagnostics and provisioning, how they all work together.
  • Centralized tools that can manage diagnostics for DOCSIS, DSL, FTTH and Wireless networks eliminating the need for multiple management setups.
WiFi has become a must-have technology for smaller operators as well as larger ones. But deploying Wi-Fi requires a major investment in equipment, technology and staff. Does deploying Wi-Fi make sense for smaller cable operators? What’s the best way for smaller operators to enter the market and what are the benefits and pitfalls?

This session will cover why WiFi should be a major part of the smaller operator’s business strategy and the need for efficient management in order to optimize their Wi-Fi networks and monetize their investments.

Some questions to be covered:

What factors should smaller operators consider when deciding on a Wi-Fi strategy?

What benefits can smaller operators realize from deploying Wi-Fi?

What are the obstacles to overcome?

Rick Yuzzi’s Presentations for 2018

Marketing has not always been a high priority for service providers because they were often the only game in town. They had plenty of business and were busy bringing on every new customer who needed their service. Given today’s competitive environment that just isn’t the case anymore and operators need to make sure they stand out in a world full of subscriber options. There are marketing and advertising basics that every company should know and practice. Marketing is the key to building and maintaining your customer base and increasing brand awareness. This presentation covers basics for those wanting to learn more about how to market their business.
Some companies want to ignore social media because they don’t control the message. But, that doesn’t stop others from talking about you. You could also be missing a great opportunity to engage with customers and prospects. You need a strategy using social media to protect your reputation, build relationships, boost customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. This presentation covers the various ways and different social channels to achieve these goals.
Service Providers have various strategies for growing their subscriber base, and often the singular focus is on adding new subscribers. This is a worthy goal, but strategies for minimizing churn should also be included in a growth strategy because every customer lost is a customer that must be replaced to break even. This presentation covers ways to track and manage churn to minimize customer losses, which will help maintain a positive impact to the bottom line as new subscribers are added.
Service Providers are seeing the need to implement bandwidth usage policies. There can be push-back from subscribers, and often this is because policies implemented are not well thought out, and not communicated properly. This presentation covers the types of policies that should be implemented and how to effectively communicate those new policies to improve subscriber acceptance.

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