ZCorum’s solution allows cable providers to reduce peak usage, gain new revenue and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Alpharetta, GA (August 08, 2013) – ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics for broadband service providers, announced today that Sweetwater Cable has signed an agreement for Bandwidth Commander, the company’s next generation bandwidth management tool for DOCSIS networks. Unlike earlier solutions that were limited to tracking and enforcing monthly usage quotas, Bandwidth Commander is able to monitor bandwidth use on an hour by hour basis and apply usage policies dynamically at any time, including during peak hours.

Sweetwater Cable selected Bandwidth Commander to make more efficient use of their bandwidth and improve the overall level of service for their subscribers. “Deploying Bandwidth Commander will provide the precise bandwidth analytics we need to better control usage on our network, including the ability to automatically apply policies to reduce congestion when needed,” said Marty Carollo, Network Manager at Sweetwater.

Sweetwater Cable already leverages other ZCorum services to reduce costs and increase efficiency in their operation, including TruVizion for modem and network diagnostics, as well as their hosted email service and end-user support. According to Carollo, his first-hand experience with ZCorum’s capabilities and customer service led them to quickly sign an agreement for Bandwidth Commander.

Carollo expects significant benefits from the new tool, including better overall service to his subscribers, as well as the ability tie bandwidth use to his broadband packages. “By moderating peak usage, we’ll be improving the customer experience for all subscribers. Plus, we can now look at ways to ensure that subscribers who are using the most bandwidth are in a broadband package that’s appropriate for their needs.”

“Bandwidth Commander is designed to relieve broadband providers from the unsustainable cycle of rising bandwidth costs and no corresponding rise in revenue,” said Neal Grillot, ZCorum’s VP of Operations. “We’re providing a way to delay capital expenditures and tie revenue received to bandwidth used, which will help fund the future expansion needed to keep up with overall demand.”

About Sweetwater Cable TV
Sweetwater Cable TV began in 1955, with 3 Salt Lake channels microwaved from an antennae pickup site in Evanston. Since that time, we have continued to upgrade and improve our system. We were one of the first systems in the country to launch HBO, ESPN and MTV. In early 2000, High Speed Data was launched, with 512k/128k speeds upgraded now to speeds up to 30Mb/7Mb. Average data usage has gone from 2G/month to over 65 GB/month today. Channel capacity has increased from 3 to over 240 offered today, as a fully Digital system. Sweetwater continues to be locally owned and locally staffed. For more information on Sweetwater Cable TV visit their website at http://www2.sweetwaterhsa.com/.