It seems that the acronym POTS is more appropriate than ever. If you’re not sure what that stands for, it’s Plain Old Telephone Service, and that plain old service has remained relatively unchanged in the last hundred plus years. Sure, there’ve been some nifty technological achievements, like touch-tone phones (oooh), and some cool features added like caller ID (aaah), but in general, POTS is like a dinosaur with one foot in the tar pit. It won’t be around much longer.

Today, more and more customers are dumping their land lines and going with either cellular service only or Voice over IP (VoIP). If you’re a cable provider, VoIP is a great opportunity to provide an additional service to your subscribers. Plus, they can keep the convenience of having phone service in their home, with the added benefit of free calls throughout the US and lots of cool features that the phone company charges extra for.

Sounds, great right? But, wait a minute. VoIP can also be a great big hassle on many levels if it’s not done right. Maintaining your own switch and managing relationships with underlying carriers is a challenge to say the least. Pile on top of that the additional end-user support issues that invariably arise, and you won’t be getting much sleep.

Did I scare you away yet? Still reading? Well, just like our other wholesale services, you don’t need to lose sleep building and managing your own VoIP infrastructure and support team. We can provide a turn-key wholesale VoIP solution for your residential and business subscribers. We’ll manage everything on the back end, and we’ll even support the end-user. We’ll stay awake for you. You just need to promote and sell the service, and get a good night’s sleep.

What’s that about business accounts, you ask?  We also have a Commercial Digital Voice offering that’s perfect for the local businesses in your market. Whether it’s a SOHO customer working out of his basement, a mom and pop, or a larger enterprise, we have a plan for you.  The guy who just needs a couple of business lines at his home, or the local pizza shop—covered.  A business that needs a virtual PBX and twenty extensions, or that local company with their own PBX that wants a few SIP trunks—no problem.  We can help.

Sounds great again, right? Good. Give us a call and we’ll tell you how easy it is to add a Digital Voice service to your product offering.