This latest enhancement provides operators with key statistics for troubleshooting subscribers who have an embedded Wi-Fi access point in their CPE.

TruVizion WiFi DiagnosticsAlpharetta, GA (November 13, 2014) – ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics software, announced this week the latest innovation to their TruVizion broadband diagnostics application. The new feature displays Wi-Fi diagnostics information for subscribers who have customer premises equipment (CPE) with an embedded Wi-Fi access point. ZCorum’s TruVizion diagnostics is a popular cross-platform tool for DOCSIS, DSL and Fiber networks, and provides key metrics on the broadband access equipment and CPE.

According to Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Business for ZCorum, a big challenge for operators today is the increasing use of wireless networks in the home. “Anywhere from 20 to 40% of inbound tech support calls are related to the in-home LAN and the vast majority of those are Wi-Fi network issues,” said Skinner. “The Wi-Fi diagnostics information we’ve added allows the support staff at a provider to see the channel the embedded radio is tuned to and its performance, as well as the transmit and receive stats for each connected device.” Skinner said the new feature will initially support Wi-Fi diagnostics from an Arris media gateway. Support for additional devices that have embedded Wi-Fi radios will be added in future releases.

Julie Compann, ZCorum’s President and CEO, said adding Wi-Fi diagnostics is a natural extension for TruVizion. “We’re always looking for ways to meet the unique challenges faced by our service provider customers. This new feature fits squarely within our mission to help operators increase their efficiency and improve the subscriber’s experience.”