Groundbreaking new software tool, SpectraVizion, reinvents how cable operators will find and address downstream spectrum problems.

spectravizion proactive downstream spectrum analysis laptop screenNew Orleans, LA – February 20, 2017 – ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of diagnostics tools and managed services for broadband providers, announced the worldwide release of their new product SpectraVizion at the NCTC Winter Education conference. SpectraVizion is an innovative, software-based diagnostics tool that leverages new advancements in remote spectrum capture, allowing cable operators to address downstream spectrum impairments proactively, before subscribers call in with service complaints.

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“Troubleshooting downstream spectrum issues has always been a reactive process for cable operators,” said Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for ZCorum. “Often they’re not aware they have an issue until a customer calls, and that’s when they then send a technician to the home with a hand-held meter to start a search for the problem.”

SpectraVizion takes the guesswork out of problem identification and location by presenting on a simple dashboard a list of devices that are experiencing common downstream issues like Standing Waves, FM Noise, Suck-outs, Roll-off and Tilt. The tool leverages the spectrum data available from cable modems and set-top boxes that support full band capture, and advanced detection algorithms automatically identify devices experiencing downstream impairments. The operator can click on any device in the list to view a capture of the full spectrum from that day, or up to 30 days in the past.

“SpectraVizion is designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs for cable operators,” said Julie Compann, ZCorum’s President and CEO. “This also means a better subscriber experience, as they are able to address downstream issues proactively as part of their regular maintenance activities.”

ZCorum will be demonstrating SpectraVizion at the NCTC Winter Education Conference in New Orleans February 20 and 21, 2017, where it was chosen by NCTC as one of a few innovative products to be highlighted at the Technology Showcase. ZCorum will also be presenting SpectraVizion in an exclusive webinar for NCTC members on March 7th.