The new on-site training uses DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance coupled with on-site use of leakage equipment to proactively locate and fix hidden sources of ingress in the upstream cable plant.

Atlanta, GA (October 22, 2018) – ZCorum, a leading provider of broadband diagnostics, announced at the 2018 Cable-Tec Expo a new training certification for cable operators who are using PreEqualization Analyzer, their DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance application. The new certification, called PNM Professional, encompasses training done on-site at the cable operator and includes the actual repair of multiple issues identified by PNM. The Cable-Tec Expo® is the largest event for cable companies in North America, with over 10,000 attendees from over 60 countries, and is taking place in in Atlanta, GA October 22nd through the 25th.

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DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) uses pre-equalization data collected from cable modems to identify which devices are being impacted by impairments like micro-reflections, and the approximate location of the fault. In addition to training the operator’s maintenance technicians on essential aspects of PNM, the engagement includes hands-on work using ZCorum’s PNM tool to identify the worst sources of ingress and which homes to target. This is followed by in-field use of pressure testing equipment by ZCorum and the operator’s technicians to locate the exact source of the leak.

The latest version of PreEqualization Analyzer includes a feature called Noise Patrol that provides an additional tool in the search for leaks. It collects and analyzes a specific set of PNM metrics, RF readings and downstream spectrum data to identify devices being impacted by ingress in the cable plant. “Noise Patrol is a powerful feature because it can identify the location of faults that are leaking noise into the return path,” said Carlos Bustamante, ZCorum’s Vice President of Strategic Technologies. “These are often in-home or near home issues like loose or corroded connectors and bad shielding, and can be hard to track down, especially if the noise is intermittent. Of course, any noise entering the return path accumulates and funnels back to the CMTS, so finding and fixing ingress can significantly improve the upstream signal and quality of service for all subscribers.”

Bustamante said the new version of PreEqualization Analyzer also allows an operator to upload their strand maps as an overlay on top of the PreEqualization Analyzer map. The map then displays the operator’s hardline plant features like taps, amplifiers, repeaters and coax cable in relation to the location of upstream impairments identified by their PNM tool.

For operators who do not have PreEqualization Analyzer, ZCorum will include 30 days free use of the application during and after the training. “We are excited to announce our new PNM Professional Certification here at the Cable-Tec Expo,” said Julie Compann, Chief Executive Officer at ZCorum. “Ingress is a huge issue for cable operators, and our PreEqualization Analyzer application coupled with our on-site PNM training will empower cable operators to proactively and successfully address upstream issues.” ZCorum will be discussing DOCSIS PNM and their full suite of solutions in Booth #1524 at the expo.