NetVizion Microsite Slider Laptop Image UpdatedThe company has added a new network management tool that allows broadband operators to keep on top of network alerts, while gaining access to in-depth traffic analysis.

Alpharetta, GA (October 1, 2020) – ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of diagnostic tools and managed services for broadband providers, announced the launch of a new product that allows service providers to manage their network infrastructure and bandwidth more effectively. NetVizion, a cloud-based network management and monitoring application, provides in-depth monitoring of network elements and detailed traffic analysis, improving operational efficiency and bandwidth utilization.

“With NetVizion, manual, time-consuming tasks are reduced to simple, automated steps,” said Art Skinner, Vice President of Sales at ZCorum. “It automatically maps the devices on the network, and you’ll know exactly how devices are configured and when they change. And it’s all done through an intuitive interface.”

NetVizion also provides advanced traffic insight using NetFlow data and analytics, which automatically groups network traffic flows into predefined groups, and displays key metrics critical for understanding bandwidth utilization. “With its deep network visibility, NetVizion allows you to see what applications are being used, who’s using them, and where the traffic is going,” said Skinner. “The ability to see what services and destinations are driving network usage, plus which users are causing the bulk of network traffic, gives operators true network visibility and the actionable data they need to manage that use—including any malicious traffic that is affecting a subscriber’s quality of experience.”

“We’re pleased that we can offer this tool to help our customers more efficiently manage their broadband network,” said Julie Compann, President and CEO of ZCorum. “NetVizion provides the additional critical insight needed to improve the performance of the network and resolve problems more quickly.”

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