Live demonstrations and free trials of new broadband diagnostics tools will be available at the show in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

ccta-press-releaseAlpharetta, GA (February 02, 2015) – ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of managed diagnostics tools and software for broadband providers, is exhibiting this week at the Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications Association’s (CCTA) Annual Meeting in Montego Bay, Jamaica. ZCorum President and CEO, Julie Compann and Arthur Skinner, ZCorum’s Vice President of World Wide Sales and Business Development, will be on hand to demonstrate their suite of diagnostics tools that includes TruVizion, as well as new proactive network maintenance (PNM) tools, PreEqualization Analyzer and Upstream Analyzer.

“We are very excited to once again be a part of the CCTA Annual Meeting, and I’m looking forward to showing new features that have been added to TruVizion in the past year, including Wi-Fi diagnostics and the ability to list and map modems by vendor and model,” said Skinner.

Last week ZCorum unveiled version 2.0 of their DOCSIS proactive network maintenance (PNM) tool, PreEqualization Analyzer. PreEqualization Analyzer uses the pre-equalization data from cable modems to identify and locate impairments in the upstream cable plant, which allows operators to fix issues before they impact subscribers. The new release incorporates a new dashboard summary of modem status and overall health for all CMTSs, enhanced correlation features, and the addition of historical RF levels.

Skinner said he will also be available to answer questions about Upstream Analyzer, the remote return path monitoring tool which helps providers see noise in their upstream return spectrum and even detects noise under the DOCSIS carrier.

“A huge issue for cable operators continues to be noise in the return path. One piece of bad cable or one poor connection can wipe out an entire node for upstream services,” said Skinner. “Our Upstream Analyzer is an affordable, web-based spectrum analyzer that collects the spectrum directly from the CMTS, so there’s no expensive equipment or complex cabling needed in the headend. Plus, you can view the spectrum on a PC, tablet or smartphone wherever you have Internet access.”

In addition to exhibiting, Skinner will be participating in a Technical Highlights session, where he will be presenting a short video highlighting the advantages of having ZCorum’s diagnostics tools installed on your network.

“Our mission at ZCorum is to provide tools and support that enable our customers to offer better broadband service to their local subscribers at a lower cost,” said Compann. “We look forward to meeting with our Caribbean customers and prospects at the CCTA to show our newest solutions to make that happen.”

The Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications Association annual meeting takes place this week, February 2 through the 5th at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Convention Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The Technical session will take place from 9:30 to 11:00 on Wednesday, February 4th.