Bandwidth Commander provides broadband operators unprecedented bandwidth usage management to address over-the-top IP traffic, while providing tools to help move customers to plans priced based on bandwidth used.

Alpharetta, GA (July 23, 2013) – ZCorum announced today the launch of Bandwidth Commander, a next generation bandwidth usage management product debuting at thebandwidth commander logo NCTC Independent Show next week in San Diego. Bandwidth Commander monitors subscriber bandwidth usage on an hour by hour basis, enabling better control of peak time usage across the provider’s subscriber base versus establishing monthly usage caps. Net-neutral bandwidth management policies can be applied dynamically based on key parameters such as the time of day, the plan the customer is subscribed to and even the amount of congestion on the network at the time.

ZCorum’s offering makes its debut as cable operators continue to feel the impact of increased bandwidth consumption from over-the-top video and peer-to-peer file sharing. Tier 2 and 3 operators have been particularly impacted by increased data traffic due to a variety of factors including pay video cord-cutting, inadequate capacity management tools and constrained budgets for network expansions.

“Cable providers are feeling the squeeze from what seems like an insatiable demand for bandwidth from their subscribers with no corresponding increase in revenue,” said Arthur Skinner, ZCorum’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “In fact, our research has shown that the subscribers using the most bandwidth are often those in the lower tier plans, which is causing a strain on resources and leading to dissatisfied customers all along the line.” According to Skinner, Bandwidth Commander provides the ability for cable operators to moderate usage during peak hours and identifies those high-use subscribers who should be moved to higher-priced plans that would better accommodate their bandwidth needs. “With Bandwidth Commander, the operator can regulate and monetize the bandwidth used on their network, which will help reduce churn and increase their average revenue per subscriber,” said Skinner.

ZCorum partnered with Active Broadband Networks to develop Broadband Commander. Active Broadband, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, brings market-leading expertise in broadband service management software, having worked successfully with a wide range of broadband providers and product vendors. “As per-subscriber bandwidth consumption continues to skyrocket, Bandwidth Commander helps cable operators overcome the challenges of profitable broadband service delivery,” said Adam Dunstan, CEO of Active Broadband. “Our platform was a natural fit for ZCorum’s managed service offering, and we look forward to working closely with ZCorum to ensure their customers are able to reduce costs while growing revenues.”

Providers interested in Bandwidth Commander can visit ZCorum in booth # 506 at the NCTC Independent Show, or can contact ZCorum at 800-909-9441.