MSOs can use new spectrum analysis application with millions of installed MaxLinear-based cable consumer premise equipment to significantly reduce the need for expensive field test equipment and truck rolls.

spectrum analysis tool Alpharetta, GA and Carlsbad, CA (September 04, 2013) — ZCorum and MaxLinear announced today they are working together on the development of a software solution that will support MaxLinear-based cable systems and will leverage a portion of the DOCSIS standard that allows cable modemsto see complete spectrum information from the signal coming into a home. This will allow operators to remotely view and analyze all channels passing through the cable modem, which will improve troubleshooting capabilities for both data and video subscribers. ZCorum and MaxLinear will be demonstrating the new concept to invited guests in a private suite during the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Show in Amsterdam, September 13 through 17.

By leveraging both companies’ expertise in customer premises equipment and diagnostics and the tens of millions of MaxLinear-base units in the field that already have this capability, the companies expect to create a paradigm shift in how cable operators troubleshoot home and network issues in the field. ZCorum already develops software-based diagnostics solutions for broadband providers, including its popular TruVizion software for cable modem and CMTS diagnostics, plus an accompanying mobile app called TechVizion. MaxLinear provides integrated radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal integrated circuits that are used in many cable modems and set-top boxes (STB). The company’s TV tuners and receivers provide embedded remote spectrum monitoring and deliver performance monitoring and remote diagnostic data for the new application.

“Cable operators today have huge expenditures for test equipment they provide to their field technicians so they can troubleshoot subscriber RF issues,” said Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Business for ZCorum. “This solution will offer a remote view into the full spectrum of downstream channels via any compatible cable modem or STB. So, there is no need to be at the customer premise or to connect a meter.” According to Skinner, in addition to a significant decrease in capital expenses for field test equipment, operators should expect to reduce truck rolls and time spent in the field tracking down problems.

“We are pleased to be working together with ZCorum on this development project,” said Brian Sprague, MaxLinear’s Vice President and General Manager for Broadband and Consumer Products. “This collaboration will provide MSOs that are using our cable receivers with Intel®’s Puma 5 and Puma 6 SOCs a considerable leap forward in network management capabilities that will generate a substantial impact to the operators’ bottom line.”

“ZCorum is committed to advancing the evolution of broadband network management for our cable operator partners and we’re pleased to be working with MaxLinear and the Intel Puma platform to develop our full spectrum analysis solution,” said Julie Compann, Chief Executive Officer at ZCorum.

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