Osage Municipal Utilities will deploy diagnostics solutions and provisioning services from ZCorum. 

Alpharetta, GA – May 5, 2020 – ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, announced that they will be providing their TruVizion diagnostics software to Osage Municipal Utilities. Included in the agreement is access to ZCorum’s TruVizion diagnostics suite, and provisioning of subscriber devices for data and voice services. Located in Osage, Iowa, the utility provides Internet, video and voice services in addition to their gas and electric utilities to residential and business subscribers in the central and eastern areas of northern Iowa.

Osage will have access to ZCorum’s flagship application, TruVizion, which provides advanced diagnostics for DOCSIS and fiber networks, including live diagnostics data from cable and fiber equipment, historical readings and interactive mapping to help troubleshoot outages. TruVizion will be deployed with additional modules that include WiFi and VoIP diagnostics, full spectrum capture from the CPE, and OFDM diagnostics for DOCSIS 3.1 devices.

Osage was Seeking new solutions that would improve the overall level of service for their subscribers, and selected TruVizion to make more efficient use of their troubleshooting. They wanted more of a view into the endpoint devices of their subscribers and a simplified way to provision their data and voice services. ZCorum’s broadband diagnostics and analytics tools will give them greater insight into the performance of their network to better serve their customers.

“With live information available anywhere, anytime, Osage will now have a more efficient operation so they can stay ahead of troubleshooting, and keep their customers online and happy,” said Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for ZCorum. “These new tools will have a powerful impact on operational efficiency, providing increased visibility into their DOCSIS and Fiber networks, and allowing them to significantly reduce the time needed to diagnose and resolve customer issues.”

ZCorum President and CEO Julie Compann said, “We are so pleased to welcome Osage Municipal Utilities into the ZCorum family. It’s an honor for us to partner with this long-established utility company in their efforts to bring the best in services to their community. Our next-generation diagnostic tools will significantly improve efficiency for the Osage operations and we look forward to seeing the positive benefits on their network and day to day operations.”