The company will be displaying powerful full band capture software and other DOCSIS® diagnostics solutions to CableLabs attendees at the Winter Conference.

Atlanta, GA (February 4, 2016) – ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of managed diagnostics tools and software for broadband providers, will be participating in CableLabs Winter Conference February 9 -12 in Orlando, Florida. The company will be demonstrating its Remote Spectrum product that allows cable operators to remotely view the spectrum for all channels on a mobile device without the need to drive to the subscriber home.

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CableLabs is a non-profit R&D consortium run and funded by the cable industry. The organization holds a private conference biannually for members and demonstrating vendors, showcasing the industry’s newest technology solutions.

ZCorum will also be demonstrating new features in their TruVizion diagnostics software, including a tab that displays spectrum from the CPE and another tab with Wi-Fi diagnostics data. The new WiFi feature helps operators determine whether a customer’s in-home network or broadband connection is causing an issue.  The company will also be promoting a powerful IPv4/IPv6 solution that helps conserve IPv4 addresses while providing multiple options for a smooth transition to IPv6.

“Our diagnostics tools for cable providers are regularly updated with new features to keep pace with the industry’s needs,” said Arthur Skinner, ZCorum’s Vice President of Worldwide Business. “Having a robust standard to work with like DOCSIS® makes a huge difference as we develop and advance our tools for cable operators.”

“ZCorum is happy to be helping our cable operator partners reduce their operational and capital expenditures with our diagnostic tools and managed services,” Said ZCorum’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Julie Compann. “We’re looking forward to showing our latest innovations again this year at the CableLabs Conference.”