Do You Provide Broadband Consulting Services?

There is an unprecedented amount of funding being made available to close the digital divide in our country, and much more on the way. If you provide broadband consulting services for companies who are deploying broadband in their community or who plan on doing so, you can provide significant value throughout that process.

Consulting is More than Giving Advice

If you are tasked with leading a project, you will be expected to achieve outstanding results for your client. Those results are accelerated when you add the experience and knowledge of a technology partner with the comprehensive services to assist from start to finish, or just where you need them. Collaborating with a partner leads to less complicated network projects, adding value for your client and to your influence as a consultant.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Technology Investment

Whether your client is building a new fiber network or expanding their present area, ZCorum can be the technology team to ensure your client’s broadband project is a success. ZCorum brings tools and services of the highest standards for your clients.

Be Your Client’s Resource for Comprehensive Broadband Solutions

Working with us gives you actionable steps and project knowledge to apply when presenting to your client. If needed, ZCorum helps you identify the best technology model for your client and plan a path to develop your client’s network while optimizing their technology budget. We work with you on products and services covering a complete collection of solutions for network builds and expansions, and after-the-build operation, maintenance and management.

Do you already offer services like feasibility studies or fiber engineering in the broadband consulting services you provide? That’s fine. We don’t want to compete. We may even be able to recommend your services and bring you in when we have potential clients ready to build or expand. Let’s talk and see how we can help each other. You can use us where you need us, from:


  • Broadband Feasibility
  • Project Management
  • Design & Engineering


  • Construction
  • Access Equipment
  • Operational Services


  • Subscriber Device Activation
  • Cloud-based Residential and Commercial Voice Service
  • A Turn-key IPTV Offering
  • Hosted Email Service
  • End User Technical Support
  • Network Monitoring and Fiber Diagnostics

We’re happy to partner on your entire project or at any point in the above process. Learn more about all the ways we can help by visiting our Broadband Deployment site.

When you’re ready, contact us and let’s start collaborating.

Together, we can design a Broadband Network strategy that is based on your client’s unique situation and goals. We can start with a simple call to discuss any questions you have and when you’re ready we can schedule an online meeting or demonstrations of interest at your convenience. Get in touch with us and realize the difference a reliable, comprehensive technical partner will make for your broadband consulting business.

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