Are you tasked with overseeing your state’s broadband efforts?

No matter how they are structured, State Broadband Programs share many similarities, including working with community officials, incumbent providers and other stakeholders to close gaps in service and ensure the success of the state’s broadband initiative.

Keep Us in Mind as a Resource for Expanding Broadband in Your State

You are no doubt deep in the midst of planning as you consider how you will allocate the wealth of coming Federal funds to subgrantees in your state. There are a lot of moving parts and logistics to mesh into a comprehensive plan. Keep us in mind as a resource that can help the service providers in your state who will be using those funds to close the digital divide, but may not have all of the expertise needed in every aspect of the business immediately at hand.

ZCorum has been helping companies successfully enter the Internet business since 1995, during the days of dial-up, and we continue in that mission today. For almost thirty years now we have worked with hundreds of ISPs—from telephone companies and cable companies, to municipalities, utilities and Fixed Wireless providers. Our mission is to help operators succeed in their broadband offering by reducing their costs, increasing operational efficiency and improving the subscriber experience. And, helping rural providers is where that mission began.

We can also be a resource to you. Feel free to call on us as an expert in the field if you have questions, and we’d love it if you would recommend ZCorum to operators in your state in need of assistance. We can provide guidance and expertise along with our best-in-the-business partners to ensure success. We and our network of partners can assist in some or all of these areas.


  • Broadband Feasibility
  • Project Management
  • Design & Engineering


  • Construction
  • Access Equipment
  • Operational Services


  • Subscriber Device Activation
  • Cloud-based Residential and Commercial Voice Service
  • A Turn-key IPTV Offering
  • Hosted Email Service
  • End User Technical Support
  • Network Monitoring and Fiber Diagnostics

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For over two decades, ZCorum has continued to offer private-label Internet services and pioneering products to providers in the United States and around the world. In 2022, ZCorum will celebrate 27 years of service in the managed broadband services business.

Our customers include municipalities, public utilities and co-ops, traditional cable companies, telephone companies, and military institutions. Internet service providers rely on us to keep their broadband up running and their subscribers online.

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