It’s 3am on a Saturday Night. Who’s Watching Your Network?

With broadband network monitoring from ZCorum your network will be followed around the clock. Our NOC has access to the inside view of your network and can immediately see any issues that occur and start the repair process.

Your Equipment and Your Services

We oversee your equipment for any problems, including routers, DSLAMS and CMTS equipment. We also keep a watchful eye on your services such as DHCP, POP, SMTP, and Web and FTP. If we’re handling your broadband network monitoring, we’ll know if a critical piece of equipment has a problem or if your backbone provider has a glitch and goes down. And we’ll most likely know about it before you or your customers do. You can rest easy knowing that we are watching over your mission-critical equipment and circuits.

Holidays and Weekends Too

We’re on 24/7/365 monitoring your network so you don’t have to be. If we can fix something without bothering you, we’ll do that too. We can notify you every time or work on it quietly and call you in the morning. We can open a ticket on your behalf and work with your provider to get everything fixed. We can customize notifications to fit your needs and expectations. We have you covered.

Rest easy and leave the network monitoring to us.

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