The Kansas-based provider has deployed ZCorum’s TruVizion diagnostics software, along with their Provisioning, NOC Monitoring and Engineering Services.

giant communications logo gray background Alpharetta, GA (June 7, 2017) — ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, announced the successful deployment of their TruVizion diagnostics software and other key broadband services to Giant Communications. Located in Holton, Kansas, Giant Communications provides Internet, video and voice services to residential and business subscribers in the Haviland, Kansas area.
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As a part of the transition to ZCorum, Giant Communications will utilize ZCorum’s flagship application: TruVizion, which provides advanced diagnostics for DOCSIS and fiber networks, including live cable modem and CMTS diagnostics data, historical readings and interactive mapping to help troubleshoot outages. In addition, the service provider will also utilize ZCorum’s Provisioning, NOC Monitoring and Engineering Services. Prior to signing up with ZCorum, Giant Communications had been getting similar services from another managed services provider, but they liked the advanced features they would get in TruVizion and the additional control they would have over the provisioning of their CPE.

“Giant Communications now has more insight into their network and devices than they had with their previous provider’s tool,” said Arthur Skinner, Vice President of World Wide Sales for ZCorum. “ZCorum’s diagnostics tools have more detailed information on the live status and historical data for the network and the devices connected to it. With live information available anywhere, anytime, Giant Communications can now have a more efficient operation, stay ahead of troubleshooting, and keep their customers online and happy.”

“Our tools provide broadband operators with advanced solutions to more effectively maintain their networks,” said Julie Compann, ZCorum’s President and CEO. “These tools can significantly reduce the time providers spend on plant maintenance and improve the day-to-day management of their cable operations. We’re so pleased to welcome Giant Communications to the ZCorum family.”